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About Us

Inventory management plays an essential part towards the success of any business, that is why we supply the hardware(RFIDsupplies) and software (PIMSO and LIMSO) for the most optimal inventory management solution; radio frequency identification (RFID). Our Ecommerce store is just one section of five in what we do at Anthropoid Limited.

As the IT industry develops it aims to provide new solutions, from this ideas of efficiency emerge, and you cannot argue with efficiency. As a company we have noticed a vast number of inefficiencies in modern day inventory management systems; this is for both perishable and non-perishable stock. By using modern technology, UHF-RFID labelling technology, we can autonomously regulate your stock without interfering with or requiring the additional training of staff. This is because we also provide the storage and packaging pre-labeled, meaning your staff are not required to change their operational processes. Specializing in this technology we are the fastest growing UK suppliers of RFID technology, inventory management systems, storage and packaging solutions.

Our continued use of RFID has required us to develop online marketing strategies across multiple platforms, develop websites, create software and automate processes. Having successfully achieved this, we now provide these solutions to other businesses, ultimately developing more stream-lined products.

Anthropoid was formed in 2018 as an independent IT business solution service provider. A new innovative company providing solutions where other companies are not. Coming with decades of industry experience behind us and with an abundance of high-level qualifications, we aim to provide high quality tailored solutions for each request. For more information please do not hesitate to contact our sales team who will be happy to help.

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